How many supporters can I bring... with me... preparing for major post in end of April!

in #hivelast year

Are you a supporter...?

Please consider following me on the #HIVE blockchain too...

Do you remember when I blurbed about 14k STEEM?

I am now at 16K on #HIVE! And will keep growing... faster than before. I have a plan... it will work! My plan is to reach 30K before the end of the year... let's see if I can make it.

Tell me what you found this month...

I will value that... with my remaining upvote. But most importantly, I will value that on the other side... For more context head to google and search for my nickname @forykw and then add the #HIVE word next to the same search. You will understand.

Have you played dCity yet?

Check it out at and you will not regret it.

Connect with me!

I will be broadcasting like a shameless teenager... twitter, Linkedin, (Facebook... not), Instagram, personal messages, discord channels servers, telegram, and many others... connect, wither search for @forykw or Jose Higino.

What's next...

I will be posting on #HIVE blockchain a monthly post about many things I find about blockchain technology. This will be a very different effort I wish to prepare you for.

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