To ☘️the 🐝HIVE we 🚀GO...

in #hivelast year (edited)


Most likely, my last post...

On STEEM blockchain I mean!

It has been crazy this journey. I should be by nature and profession more pragmatic and realistic, but my essence brings me all the time to the grounds of feelings. A place I should not be, when thinking about numbers...

But fortunately, this community has showed me way more than numbers. The likes of such things I can't really find elsewhere and hence my continuous presence in here.

I am here by pleasure... not yet by profit. Even if it means a lot to many, which I respect, that should not (hopefully) be a bulling factor. I do value the returned value on the community to the work or presence I take, but my stance here is not to fight for profit.

Yes, it's all welcome and appreciated as anyone else. But I don't fuss about it. Mostly to influx it onto other projects or allow me to play within the community among other efforts.

Essentially and so far, almost what the community gave me, is still within the community. Not making any promises here, but probably what will end happening for a long time, until time part us apart!

Hey, do you still have questions about this HARD FORK?

Have you checked my FAQ? Might be able to help you within the less than 2 hours left. 😵 🤯 😁

(image highly clickable 😍)

WTF? 😱 kind of reaction?

No need to alarm, KEEP IT CALM!

If you are still seeking answers, jump into the Hive Discord and blow off away... We are there to help.

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So your selling Steem for more Hive?

I am all locked up mate... need to wait 13 weeks to make a decision LOL =) that does not bother me.

I am here for the experience and ride. Thankfully I can...

Vemo-nos no outro lado!😉

Já do outro lado! LOL

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