Hive Power Distribution May 2020

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Where are you on this pie chart?

Data collected scraped from thanks to @arcange

Top 1% (2744 accounts) control 88% of the total stake.

Top 0.1% (272 accounts) currently control 67.1% of the total stake, and therefore governance, as well as the @steem.dao funds that came from the ninja-mined stake, and korean investors funds that got ripped off (see HardFork 23's code).

Enough of the bullshit, and the rich getting richer through abuse? Start spreading the truth like I do, it's your only real power. Hit that resteem and upvote


Thank you! Resteemed. We are 100 percent steem.

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Thanks for info, resteemed!

Thank you for continuing to offer your insights. I was afraid you would walk away. We need people like you who have a great historical and technical perspective, as well as a fearless capacity to express yourself in the face of so much dissent.

Dommage que je ne suis pas dans le top 1%. :)

Lmao at the guys who are supporting hive because its fair and decentralized... id say the problems are more hidden on that platform.

They are free to support whatever they want, but lets at least get the facts straight. Thanks for this.

hive is super central.

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