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Looks like both HIVE and HBD will be listed on Bittrex...

I logged into my Bittrex account and was a bit surprised to see this when I searched the wallets section:


Then after clicking on the exchange section, I saw that it already has a trading pair as well.

It looks like both HIVE and HBD are trading live right now against BTC.

Check it out:


As I type, the current price is .000033 BTC which is roughly $.21 USD.

The deposits and withdrawals are disabled still (of course), just like they are everywhere else.

But, I must admit I am bit surprised that HIVE was able to land a Bittrex listing, especially this soon.

Stay informed my friends.



YESSSSS. Best news this year. This is awesome!

Interesting time ahead.. I’m all bullish on HIVE🤔?

I can just imagine the volume of HIVE volume that will happen at bittrex soon @jrcornel :)

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