Is Hive a Top 50 coin?

in #hivelast year

Looking at CoinGecko (@coingecko, we can see Steem at position 61 with a market cap of $58m.


This is based on a circulating supply of 346,180,878 and a price of around $0.1670.

Generating the same figures for Hive we have a circulating supply of 345,978,640 ( and a price of around $0.2544 (Bittrex).

This gives a market cap of $88.0m.


Currently that slots us in at position 49!

These things are always subject to change. But that's an encouraging start!


Let’s see what happens when the airdrop participating exchanges make their HIVE accessible. Still millions of HIVE locked right now.

Are the Bittrex airdrop coins accessible? I know Binance is still locked.

AFAIK Bittrex is trading only right now. I heard they needed to replay their node (secondhand info tho).