First sell off of my HIVE

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Today marked my first trade of HIVE for BTC. It is interesting to see STEEM standing up to the sell off pressure pretty well. My guess is that STINC is doing some behind the scenes wheeling and dealing to support the coin. For that reason it is my decision to hold on to my STEEM, for the time being, to see what happens with atomic swaps.

Although today's HIVE price sucked, in my opinion, it is hard to imagine what will keep the HIVE price even at today's level once those that are going to Hive have powered down their STEEM and bought HIVE with it. Time will tell. My hope is that it does not go to dust for those that decide to support the new sister chain, yet it is hard to imagine otherwise.

DPoS On!!!


People on Hive are powering down to send their Hive to an Exchange to get airdrops.... the Exchange is using that Hive to dump the price. People never learn.

Wow, thanks for the insight. My trades have been going through Blocktades even though it irks me to see them making 3 STEEM on the trades.

Good luck with your sell off. It sure will be interesting to see where things go from here.

Thanks, Jill. It will be interesting to watch.

Some great talent has made the move to Hive. It would be interesting to see where development would go if it were not really the same old same old with different stake ratios.

How ironic is it that @blocktrades is an exchange of sorts is it not? Between them and @freedom they have about 7% of Hive's present stake. Couple that with the witness to witness voting circle jerk of the V.22.2 Cabal and it looks a lot like STEEM still.

The devs have a lot of water to carry to code justify the fork in my opinion.

Yep... same people Trending on Hive.... no matter what. Same old same old. Kind of pathetic.

Things are going from steem to hive.

Definitely a move in that direction, @amahovac93, yet it is not at 100%. There are users that are not even aware of the drama if you can believe that! With the recent massagings of Condenser a new users may not even be aware of Hive.

My guess is onramping will become slicker and quicker. The traffic from 4 years of hype will arrive at's doorstep.

Some great talent has jumped down the rabbit hole. Personally the fork was not code justified at this time, in my opinion. Instead of geeky thoughts like about block sizes this fork was head butting and territory marking in my opinion. The new boss has about 7% of Hive stake with the witness to witness voting circle jerk of the V.22.2 Cabal bringing up the rear. It still looks a lot like STEEM to me in more ways than code.

Maybe you are right.
Thanks for the detailed answer.
I saw alot of top people moving from Steem to Hive.

Yeah, and they may be correct in having the attitude of we made it and we can play Santa Claus if we want. We can decide whose been naughty and whose been nice.

Hehe, time will tell.

Are you going to become a Steemit Whale ? Ie: Move all your Hive to Steem ? I wonder what Justin Sun @justinsunsteemit has planned for Steemit ? It could easily go back to $8 if he wants to pump it. All he needs to do is announce an Airdrop to all holder of Steem and TRX.... I am accumulating Free TRX ... just in case. What are the TRoN plans John ? Do you know @jtsofficial ....

Are you going to become a Steemit Whale ? Ie: Move all your Hive to Steem ?

No, moving it to BTC hopefully before the halving in May.

Hi @novacadian

Good, you managed to make your first exchange. I still don't do my first exchange.
However what he says regarding Steem is a good point, but I am also thinking that we should still wait, even many whales are making their turn off, so depending on that we can see an uncertain future for Steem,

... we can see an uncertain future for Steem,

The fork has likely damaged both projects. My feeling is that the STEEM brand can more easily recover. If groundbreaking code changes in governance were introduced then Hive would validate the code fork; however things seem to be floundering in that regard.

Yes @novacadian.. I think you are also right it is just that there must be a kind of consensus in steemit, the aggressive action of both parties damaged the ecosystem a little, they must make the changes as quickly as possible. I don't think Justin invests to lose.

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