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RE: The HIVE FAQ 😲⚠️📢

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Hello Piotr!

I cannot post on the link you shared to me. i tried sending you a message on discord but apparently, we do not share the same server/browser anymore.

For the record, though I was considering to migrate sometime in hive, I need to face the reality that although the system is stable, the things that I am familiar with like tribes, etc would take some time to be established in the system.

In fairness to them. they are doing everything to make the experience great for everyone.

For now, I am going to wait and see how things are going. Meaning, I will blog on steemit and hive until i could see how things are going on both sides.


I think you answered on the wrong thread LOL

yeah. cause I don't know how to get on piotr.This is a desperate attempt. hahahaha

Jump on HIVE and on discords.