Can you write a post about it? I saw it on blocktrades and not sure if you can just do the swap or you need to have a bitshares account?

You do not need a bitshares account.... you create an account on select Sell Steem, Buy Hive.... Blocktrades creates a Memo and you just Transfer from your Steemit wallet .... you do a Transfer to @blocktrades using the Memo they provide.

Will it go automatically to the Hive wallet?

Yep.... I am avoiding all exchanges ....

Don’t ever keep any Steem or Hive or any crypto on any exchange. If you keep it there it does not belong to you anymore .... it you send any money to an exchange like Binance or Bittrex or Poloniex it belongs to them and they can do whatever they want with it.

Lol so both not worth shite! I guess we can always swing trade between the two

Yeah... maybe it’s Better to earn Bitcoin for Free watching movies.

It would be great if 1 Steem = 1 Hive

And they both equaled $10

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