Announcing Hiveinvite

in #hivelast year

Hiveinvite is now functional. Go and invite your friends to our new home!

Image stolen from google due to lack of new logo

After spending years in the shadow of the centralized Inc. onboarding, it's about time for new crowdsourced ways to show off our chain to new users.

Hiveinvite is a 100% fork of the old steeminvite, which is now defunct. If anyone wants to work on a new logo/header/branding they're very welcome, my plan for the near future is extending the service to offer public invites with various verification options so it can serve as an all-around onboarding tool.

To support my efforts, please think about giving me a witness vote when you reorder your voting. With enough support there, I will be able to dedicate my time completely to development for Hive while leaving the HBS to the bigger projects.

Now go an make a Hiver (is that the new official term or not?)!


I did not use steeminvite any time earlier, but is it like Hiveinvite will create free accounts ? And will there be any little delegation, to get them started ?

Hi there

I've been reading through many comments related to new hive chain and I've seen your comment too. Many users are being torn, however majority seem to be moving to new hive.

Are you fully moving there or will you stay on both chains? Just curious. I'm trying to figure out what to do myself.

Well I am mostly leaving to hive because I am not a regular content creator - I mostly curate other posts and create some times. But I think, its good to be at both place if you are a good content creator and I see many people doing that.

Big Thx for your reply. I think i will stick around on both chains for time being.

I also figured that you may find this post interesting and worth your time:

It's post published by good friend of mine and I'm helping him to promote their curation trail.

Highly rEsteemed!


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