JAHM Token moving to Hive Engine in less than 12 hours.

in #hive9 months ago


Just a friendly reminded to get your JAHM off the market (buy/sell orders) on steem-engine as the switch from Steem to Hive will take place in less than 12 hours. If your Tokens are still on the market (buy/sell orders) then, they have a high probability of being lost and they will not be refunded. So do yourself a favor and cancel all sell/buy orders for the JAHM Token on Steem-Engine.

Tokens you hold, liquid or delegated will be reflected in your HIVE Engine account as all liquid once the switch takes place. In other words, delegated JAHM will become liquid as Hive engine cannot delegate your tokens for you.

Thanks for reading and please share with other JAHM token holders.