NED - The Steemit Documentary Movie Trailer. Part 1

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NED - The Steemit Documentary Movie Trailer. Part 1

The NED Movie is currently in production with updates on the way.


If you want to help via Interview or information please reach out via discord. I want to hear the voice of all steemians and would love to include as many of us as I can.


If you would like to help improve/speed up production feel free to Donate!


Or Donate Steem!

More Info Soon.


Looking forward to where this goes lol xD
ReSteemed. I guess we'll ReHive'n soon!

Good idea!!! Resteemed

Great idea, I am sure this Blockchain will be fuel for many a great documentary.

This will be something?

Working on it now, just trying to get the community behind it as well. :), but yes this is a thing.

The HIVE even has video on demand! For free!!! Sh....t

This is awesome...


Ned Bacon Here.png

Oh great idea!
I'm available ;-)
Big hugs from Switzerland
Steemitri The Mannequin

I will be looking forward to this. Oughta be great fun for the whole fambly.


I appreciate your work but this guy doesn't deserve shit. Forget him.

What you say is understandable ... But surely, you'd want to know if the new guy in town trying to date your daughter is a used blockchain salesman...

Great to see you back here my man!

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