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RE: I'm Excited For Hive, I'm Giving It A High Five!

in #hive10 months ago

"This platform has been entertaining me and being a good outlet for my self expression for the last 3 years."

I envy your optimism. I am also trying on the Steem blockchain for approximately 3 years (since 2017.05.17), but no matter what I do, what I try, what I post, what I write about, almost (often literally) no one cares about my Steem blockchain posts. Nowadays the real human comments are rare on the Steem blockchain. Not just/only under my Steem blockchain posts, but under most of the people's Steem blockchain posts. Nowadays the average number of comments per post is around 2-3 on the Steem blockchain.

But at least I made some success lately on another social network, called Uptrennd. The real human interaction is real on that website.