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We are used to interpreting life in a linear way, where we assume that our beginning is birth and death will be our end. That is, they try to make us believe that before life there is nothing and that after that what awaits us is emptiness. The game ends.

Nothing could be further from the truth. It is scientifically proven that everything that exists, in the universe or at least what we know, is energy (light). Therefore it cannot be destroyed or extinguished, it will remain alive infinitely.

If we want to draw more exactly how the behavior of existence is. We must make us of ancestral knowledge, in which we are referred to as the universe, and each of the systems that compose it, behaves.

Therefore, the reference is a spiral. Life is composed of infinite cycles as is the universe itself. Each beginning is the end of a cycle backwards and each end is the beginning of another forward.

Steem was a cutting edge tool that came to house all those people who understand that community decisions are above individual ones. That the ego can make individuals capable of executing the worst actions to the detriment of all those around them.

It also gave us the possibility of having a voice in the world that is impossible to silence. Knowing that today, censorship is a major tool for the domination of peoples.

Many things can be said about everything that involves blockchain technology represented at some point by this platform that imposed on us to grow as people, making possible a daily rediscovery of our talents, of our condition as human beings and as if the possibility of monetization was not enough to protect us in some way from this world enslaved by money.

Steem represents the end of a cycle. But since every ending has a beginning, we must welcome him to Hive.

Every start is complicated, so we all have to make the greatest effort to get all this machinery working in the best way. Each one with his role must seek efficiency as the spearhead of his actions so that we can achieve the restoration and normal development of our block chain as soon as possible. The so-called HIVE.

I am sure that every action taken by the main promoters of this initiative was with the community in mind. This is a great opportunity to stand out and make things better every time.

Remember that a large number of users, usually content creators, depend directly on your work here on the platform. Therefore, it is imperative that the great SP owners, now HP, continue to create channels to make better distribution of the reward pool more effective for each and every one of them.

Simply grateful to those who take the time to read, so I can be near each of you. Thank you!


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@yonnathang, Your Perspective is absolutely right but in my opinion Steem Economy still alive and we never know what will going to happen in this Super Dynamic World. Stay blessed.