Hive people: Please stop your spambots


I disagree with some of the things that Justin Sun and Steemit Inc. have done in the recent controversy, but also disagree with some of the things that the old witnesses have done. I have been annoyed by what I perceive as some disingenuousness and hypocricy on behalf of the witnesses, such as claiming to be champions of decentralization while making all the important decisions in small secret groups. Similarly, it has annoyed me that many of the Hive advocates claimed to be champions of fighting abuse on the blockchain but seemed to conveniently overlook that some threads were being spammed with huge images, making them cumbersome to engage with if you were actually interested in reading them.

Today I see that the cheetah bot has now become a spam bot, too:


Personally I am not a fan of censorship. I think that the way that some of these posts/people have been blocked is heavy-handed and unnecessary. But it's also the case that Steem abuse fighters have long said that downvoting a post into invisbility isn't censorship since the information is still visible on the blockchain. Steemit Inc. could make a similar argument: they are only choosing what they want to display on their website, not what's in the blockchain. Personally I am a believer in freedom of speech, but I also think there are problem cases that are not simple: shutting people up isn't good, but we also shouldn't have to indulge a heckler's veto.

Regardless of who is right or wrong from a philosophical perspective, I am sick of seeing so much spam from Hive people. The point of forking off your own blockchain was to have a place where you could build something new, unencumbered by the past. So why are you spending your time and energy running spam bots here? Personally I want to take a "wait and see" approach to both chains, I am interested in seeing what Steem will be without some of the previous loud voices dominating the conversation, and I am interested in seeing whether Hive can actually deliver on the claim of faster and better development than Steemit Inc. has been capable of. So I would like it if you would end the war, call of your spam bots, or and focus on building something new rather than perpetuating the conflict here.


Now Now. Let's not have any reasonable talk.
Don't you know you're supposed to choose a side in a war.
(I'm just watching the battles and waiting to see what survives when the dust settles.)

I'm also greately disappointed with many actions done by old witnesses and their spamming bots :/

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