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RE: Hivemind is Live!

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A full node with only 61gb of ram is the dream ! Congrats team ! Can you guys share more specs about your instances ? How much disk, ssd or nvme, which cpu etc ?

 3 years ago (edited)

We run two types of Steem nodes - one that handles account history, and one that handles everything else except for the tags and follows plugins (because Hivemind handles these plugins itself now). Both types of nodes run on instances in AWS that have 61GB RAM and a single physically attached nVME drive. The shared memory files are stored only on the physically attached drive, no longer in RAM as was previously required. Hivemind itself uses a postgres database in AWS RDS on instances with 32GB RAM. Hivemind's 'app servers' use much smaller instances with only 4GB RAM. All of this has been a phase in our plans to streamline infrastructure for cost effectiveness and there may be further improvements still yet to be made.

So, how many moving parts has Hivemid API instance?

  • app server
  • postgres
  • api node


 3 years ago (edited)

Yes, hivemind requires a postgres database. You need a steemd node or nodes that contain all plugins except for tags/follows. We use jussi for routing, which is a custom reverse proxy and caching layer.

Everything has official docker images available and could be set up to run together with docker-compose.

Well, I’m not a developer guy, I just wanna figure out how much you save on old rpc node vs new set of nodes delta.

With the cost of instances with lots of RAM being very high and fast disk being relatively cheap, quite a lot.

How much 1Gb RAM costs now?