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RE: Building New Experiences on Steem

in #hivemindlast year

This a great idea!
We need people like you on this platform
God bless you with all possibilities you though i also have a great project am working on and i need help, support and advice's


Thank you so much for your kind words : )

The project that you need help with; what's it about?

nice to meet you here on cent
Hello i have a project i wanna to start but i need your help, advices and support at all.
The project is about IT(information technology) where by i need to start and already i have started with little i have in my community.
So i have a vision that if me i introduce this in my community it can help me my community members and youths in my community who is idle, going in bad things, and even to help those who don't have school requirements to get something to purse in this world. An i need to help them to develop anything small to get their basic needs for their lives!

You can create project create content in uptrennd and publish0x? , creary,, and more platform?