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RE: Hivemind is Live!

in #hivemind3 years ago

I have been encountering annoying problems during the use of Steemit.

First of all, I do not see all the posts browsing the given tag, even in the feed tab I do not see them! I checked on busy and steempeak - there were no problems.

Secondly, by going for example on the wallet tab and going down to see the transfers, instead of them I see the first part of the wallet (balance, savings, etc.) is shown to me 100 times and then the history of transfers. The same occurs when I click on the curator or author's rewards. I see my wallet 100 times, then rewards. And this is not a fault of the device, because I checked the steemit on my main computer, laptop, tablet and two phones - everywhere the page is bugging. For now, these are the only mistakes I have noticed but very annoying. I hope that you will be able to fix it in the near future.

Thank you @steemitblog :)

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I haven't been able to reproduce this on your profile. Does it persist?

I even tried to delete cache and change internet browser. Same :(

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Identified the bug, fix to be deployed shortly. Thanks!

No problem Sir! Have a great day :)

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Haha. Yeah. Exactly the same thing. Multiple copies of the wallet when scrolling down.