What the hell is Advanced HODL Technology 2.5? - A wife's perspective on the crypto world.

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The crypto world, from a wife's perspective.

Have you learned to HODL? What the hell is Advanced HODL Technology 2.5? Whats a discord? Am I FOMO or noFOMO? Now I have to worry about Chaincoin Masternodes??!! Is it contagious?

How many conversations is it going to take me to understand exactly what the heck my husband is talking about and so interested in?

As someone who learns a little differently, it has taken hours and hours of listening to even grasp the basics of what this is all about.

What I do know is this.

This cryptocurrency thing? It's not going anywhere. Since learning about cryptocurrency and dare I say it...blockchain I have started seeing references to it everywhere. A book I just read, Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld, had a character in it who was a former dotcomer who was now investing in Bitcoin. I am literally driving down the road on interstate 285 right now and saw a big yellow sign with black block lettering that said: BITCOIN Education & Training and listed a phone number. I SO wish I had gotten a photo. I see the presence of cryptocurrency and blockchain expanding as more and more people learn about it.



  1. HODL - Hold On for Dear Life - this means not get scared and sell your crypto. Stay the course!! Don't go crazy and get all FOMO - Fear Of Missing Out.
  2. Be an Insomniac- being an insomniac is helpful in the crypto world. This way you can check all of the exchanges periodically throughout a 24 hour period and since you don't sleep (my dear husband I'm talking to you) you'll never go longer than 2 hours without knowing what's going on. Finally the sleepless nights imposed on you while in the US Marine Corps is literally paying us off.
  3. Mining coins- I'm originally from a super small "mining town" in Virginia, only we mined salt in Saltville, not cryptocurrency. Mining was an easy concept for me to get a handle on all things considered. Spoken in a language I can understand; mining coins is putting your computer to work as part of a larger computer network, solving cryptography equations and helping to validate/verify all network ledger transactions.
  4. Masternodes -- validates network transactions similar to mining, but doesn't use nearly the amount of electricity it takes to mine coins directly. If you're concerned about the environment, Masternodes are for you!!

There's still so much to learn and if I could take it in my osmosis I could surely do so by just being in the same room as my husband, who's livestreamed at least 90 of his last 120 hours on some YouTube channel with 1000s of other "Advanced HODL Tech 2.5ers" , trying to help the community grow and being comfortable HODLing in the cryptospace. It's like they're The Wolves of Chainstreet. It gives me the info that I need in large quantities. I just lack the ability to process all of that trading info at such rapid rates.

However, one more thing I do understand, in the cryptocurrency world, you keep up, or you literally get left behind.

Besides, if it wasn't for blockchain, we wouldn't have Steemit and you wouldn't be able to see any of the cool things here! So steem on my fellow Steemians....learn something new everyday!



Love the outsiders perspective! Thanks for this

Ha! You're welcome. I feel way on the outside but "get it" a little more each day!

Thanks for sharing! I'm Hodling in Chain Coin !

You're welcome! This was fun to write! 👊🏼

HOLDING MY Chaincoins it will touch Jupiter SOON! Thanks for Sharing.

That's even farther than the moon! :)

I think my wife feels the exact same way about this, it's typically all fun and games to her as its a big joke and "not real money" but things are different when she gets that new Gucci handbag.

Haha. Well I certainly know it's "real money"

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