Head to head!

in #holm7 months ago

This is just a bit of freewriting of my feelings and thoughts about Hive and what's going on with steem.
It's funny to see how Hive and Steem are bouncing around each other on the rankings. Although I gotta admit the volume of Hive is painfully low, actually much lower than I would have expected after a number of exchanges opened up for trading Hive...

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Screenshot 2020-04-04 at 14.02.37.png


Haha love this way :) Btw feel free to add the banner that I am now using in my posts here ;) Might be a bit of playing with fire but whatever, f*ck them.

I am very creative indeed! haha!

Yeah, i have read it at hive, we are in a odd situation, best of luck.

Hive is where it happens!;)

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