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Hi guys,
@juanmolina, @jadams2k18, @lanzjoseg, @fucho80, @pedrobrito2004

This is AGAIN post which is not to shared with others or resteemed. It's not like we're talking about some secrets here, but I simply don't need attention coming from anyone who isn't either directly invited / isn't part of our small team.

So please, do not create any publication about what we do here until we discuss it together (I'm kind of refering to latest post by @fucho80, where he made announcement about project hope curation trail. And since this curation trail is only in "brainstorming idea" phase - then his post is very much complicating things.



As you already know, I've managed to start collaboration with team behind game holybread.io (build by @thebluewin and @auminda). I told them little bit about our group and goals of project.hope:

My goal for 2020 is to set up small startup; and I'm planning to do that together with few guys from project hope. Guys I collaborate already and I know for quite sometime.

Our main idea is to offer beta-testing, consultation/feedback services for businesses mostly within tech/blockchain industry.

Since I've played in holybread for several hours and I also had great pleasure to talk to both of you - I've got some faith that your project would have chance to be succesful. Your profesionalism and amazing communication skills are outstanding.

So to cut this short: I would like to introduce holybread.io to 5 friends (Venezuelans, core team of project.hope) which would help and test your game. For us collaborating with you would bring some extra experience, which will be necessary in the nearest future.



Right now (as far as I know) you all already joined holybread.io and their discord channels.
Please invest few hours into testing and playing in that game. I would like you to learn how does it work and hear some of your ideas,.

You can all share those ideas and your thoughts in real-time in comment section. However I will mostly need some document/file from each one of you once beta-testing will be over. This file would summarize your thoughts, feedbacks, suggestions, concerns and opinion as a POTENTIAL USER.

@holybread on Steemit


Check out their latest post by @holybread on steem blockchain:
Holybread RPG browsergame on STEEM - Test round is doing great!

Also please check out last few posts by @delegate4gg - he has been testing this game for quite some time and you can learn a lot since his posts.



Hi, buddy.

At first, I was confused because I thought it was like a real RPG and I was going to see monsters, villages, forests and things like that. I guess the game still needs to evolve and I also found some bugs (I guess they are bugs).

I didn't know we could win some STEEM in the game, will we? o.O?

I really wish the Quests were a little more interactive. With little games like the ones in my old cell phone, I'm not talking about the snake, but those where you have to devise a strategy to solve a problem: Sokoban (simple but entertaining)

Back to the old ones... you know?

ok, I have been playing a little and I thought this weekend to start writing about that, but as a closed report, that is, it is not something to publish but I will send it by mail :)

Well, I'm still playing, I'll write later.

Hi @coach.piotr - I'd like to know what your opinon is on inkgames.com. I'm being told that its a scam, but I don't see it and I'm hoping maybe you will and alert the steemit gaming community.


I may have unwittingly marketed this site without doing my homework. Here's the copy . . .

IRVINE, Calif. and BEND, Ore., Oct. 17, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Technology startup InfluenceInk announced today its newest initiative, INK Games™️, a digital and mobile gaming business unit targeting gamers, online users and social influencers. INK Games is launching its platform where users own zip codes and postal codes on a growing, global map. The company is building engaging, digital games that incentivize user sign-ups and reward influencers for their role in building game communities, and users for their ongoing participation. Early participants can purchase zip codes — effectively, digital real estate — and earn rewards based on the users and activities within each postal code as the game world grows. The company expects an exclusive, first zip code drop to go live in Q4 with a limited number of US zip codes available initially, with all zip codes and global postal codes becoming available in subsequent asset drops.
INK Games offers an innovative new model of game building and design which puts users first. According to Chief Executive Officer Robert Towles, "This is particularly important at a time when game companies and development studios are reaping massive profits by leveraging the relationships of their users."
"We believe that users and influencers can — and should — get paid for every person they invite and every in-game activity they are connected to."
"We reward users for on-boarding other users — in perpetuity," Towles remarked. "That's the way it should be."
The company expects to supercharge a user's income earning potential through a mix of proprietary technology and payout modeling. Every user will have a unique referral code embedded in their user profile that can be shared. The company utilizes custom built software to track the reach of the code and pay users accordingly and transparently, for life.
Towles also noted that the company will apply a tracking algorithm that actively searches for user and network connections, effectively supercharging the user's viral reach. These cross-connecting network maps are built as users join. User rewards aren't just limited to direct invitations, either. Their reach and rewards accelerate as whole network connectivity grows.
Recognizing the rise of influencer driven marketing, gaming and social media's dominance in today's digital age, INK Games address the need for a gamified, globally-accessible platform to monetize social reach and create richer, loyalty-enhancing game experiences.
About INK Games
INK Games targets gamers, online users and social influencers. The company is building a first-of-its-kind game platform where users can "buy" territories in the form of postal codes, which represent ownership in the platform's gaming universe. As the company builds games — and launches other game publishers' games on the platform — users will share in the economic activity of users, activities, and assets inside their territories.
The company's aim is to build engaging, digital games that incentivize user sign-ups and reward influencers for their role in building game communities, while providing an economic reward to users for their ongoing participation. For more information visit INKGames.io.
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I got this from @trustwaltrustee and I got excited but I could be missing somthing.

Hi coach! This is my gaming and mobile account - count me in on future phases of testing and feedback for blockchain games :)

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