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When I saw @holybread's introductory post, I resteemed it because it seems to be an interesting game. Along the way, it kind of got off my radar and when it was officially launched, I did not join immediately. But recently a few posts on Holybread caught my eyes and I gave it a shot.

Simple game mechanics

Holybread is a RPG game. The game is mostly idle gameplay, meaning that you do not need to actively be engaged in the game when you are playing.

As you can see in the screenshot below, there are only several options in the game menu. I will go through a few of these menu pages that are more important for beginners like me.

Holybread's game menu


In the "Quests" menu, you can embark on idle quests. Each quest last for 5, 10 or 15 minutes and consume 5, 10 and 15 energy respectively. Energies are replenished every hour. It is a very typical idle game RPG concept. Send your hero out for quest and wait for it to end. And just FYI, your hero will not get killed or injured in a quest.

"Quests" menu


In Holybread, you can have up to 3 heroes to fight for you. You start off with 1 hero and you can unlock more hero slots as you fulfill certain requirements.

In the "Heroes" page, you will be able to equip your heroes with items and boost your hero's attributes. There are 5 attributes (Intelligence, Constitution, Luck, Dexterity and Strength) that you can boost, which will influence your stats (Damage, HP and Crit Chance).

Something unusual about this game is that your attributes do not increase as you level up and they can only be boosted using "gold". However, there are certain stats that are calculated using your level as a factor. For instance, you HP is calculated using the formula,

constitution * 2 * (level + 1)

Therefore, your level is important but not very.

"Heroes" menu


Arena is where you can get your heroes to battle other players' heroes. By winning battles, you earn gold. In addition, you also take over the rank of the player that you have won. Being at a certain rank will entitle you to be rewarded with some "breadcrumbs" (more on the economics of Holybread in a future post).

Battles are won based on your hero's stats. The better your stats, the higher chance of winning. There is a luck element in the form of critical damage. If your luck is higher, there is a better chance of you landing a critical hit which deals more damage (double the usual damage if I am not mistaken).

"Arena" menu

Item Store

The "Item Store" is pretty self-explanatory. This is the place where you buy new items to equip your heroes for battles. The interesting thing about this store is that it only has 9 items to purchase at any one time. You get a free item refresh every 24 hours, otherwise you will have to pay some "bread" to refresh the store (again economics in a later post).

You can also sell your existing items. However, the other interesting thing is that the shopkeeper has limited gold to buy back your items. This reminds me of the shops in Elder Scrolls 😃.

"Item Store" menu

Simple but a good time-killer

I am enjoying this game so far because it is a really light game that I can play while I am * ahem * working in office 😅. I just need to come back occasionally to send my hero to quests and collect my loot. Once in a while I will try my luck in the Arena if I think I have a chance. Right now I am at a rank which I think I am quite under-leveled. So it is not easy for me to get opponents that I can win.

Anyway, if you are interested to play this game, I will like to shill you my referral link ( which will allow me to earn 5% of all "bread" purchases by my referrals 😆.

Referral Link

And by the way, I also pledge to buy some "bread" with my liquid rewards from my posts related to Holybread. This are just some simple ways to show my appreciation to good projects I find on Steem.

10% of post rewards goes to @ph-fund, 5% goes to and 5% goes to @holybread to support these amazing projects.


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Never thought that this game is a battle game. The name "holy Bread" was almost misleading.

Posted via Steemleo

Indeed. What an interesting choice of name

I'm yet to start playing Holy Bread but this post could make me give it a try. Thanks for sharing.

You are welcome!

Nice!!! You also started playing. The game is so good that I started buying equipment for my heroes at the marketplace using STEEM. Been accumulating those breadcrumbs. Upvoted!

I have not started to pay yet. But I might start to spend on it soon :)

I also am playing holy and I found this game quite entertaining :)

@tipu curate

Thanks for the curation!

welcome to the game! I find it very entertaining but it requires a lot of time if you want to climb in the ranking.

Posted using Partiko Android

It indeed requires a lot of time to climb the ranks

I've been playing holy (as project.hope) since beta version and I quite enjoy @culgin

I'm also wondering when will I get bored. After a while there isn't much new things to discover and game is becoming kind of ... monotonous.


The game mechanics is very simple. So it is unsurprising that you get bored after a while. Looking forward to new changes in the future.

Welcome to the game!

I comment that it really seemed strange to me that the leveling up did not increase the statistics as in other games, but I noticed the constitution affecting the HP, but it also happens with luck and its effect on the probability of making a critical attack. Although something happens that I do not understand, while the character levels up it also seems that the probability drops a little each time, I still do not know how that works.

Do you mean the luck stats? It actually changes based on your opponent's level.

thanks for the explanation.

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