There is no place like home. Colorado or Bust!

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I have spent most of my adult life on the road working in cities all over America. When I was young and in my 20-30’s I always looked forward to getting on the road for the summer to not only work and make some money but, also see and experience new things and places. I have been chasing hail storms since I was 18 years old and spent significant time in many states within the USA. I got into the roofing business by accident in 1990. I saw a future college roommate one day while running errands around town. He had a job opportunity from a connection he got lined up through his father. I tagged along with him and the next thing you know I was knocking on doors and selling re-roofs to people who’s homes were destroyed by hail. I remember my first sale being 2800.00 and making only about 200 bucks after two solid weeks of work. I thought, man this job sucks! After many sessions of encouragement by my mentor who introduced me to the hail storm business, I finally got things jumping and made more money than I could have ever imagined possible in an 8 week period for an 18 yr old kid.
The next summer was my first time working out of state because it doesn’t always hail in your hometown. Again I made a nice chunk of money but, I also worked the entire summer before I had to head back to college on a baseball scholarship. I was hooked! I finally learned all the angles to play with insurance companies and making money became easy to me and the freedom that came with the job meant more to me than anything.
One thing that has been consistent from day one of this job is I always looked forward to coming home to Colorado. Well this year is no different....except I did not make any money. As some of you know, I left Colorado for Texas about 4 weeks ago to work for a company in Ft. Worth who is legendary in the lone star state. They have been welcoming to me many times to help them out in the summer months when Roofing is busy. I am a project manager or what some might actually call a salesperson. Sometimes the situation is not ideal for sales and you must realize you have miscalculated the information you gathered during your due diligence. That is the case for me this year because, this storm in Texas is not providing as much action as I’m used to. I decided to leave here in the morning and head home to my own bed, my family, friends and routine. My good friends here in Texas were gracious enough to let me stay with them for a few weeks so this mistake only cost me several hundred, instead of several thousands. Lucky for me, while I was gone, my hometown got a couple hail storms which should provide enough work to make it through the winter. Texas is awesome in many ways but in the end, it’s not even close to living in Colorado.
I wish things would have worked out different this year down south but, the silver lining is football season just started and there is nothing like watching Broncos games with other Broncos fans. Dallas Cowboys fans aren’t even close to as bad as the Kansas City Chiefs fans but, it’s time for the OG Broncnutz to be in a state where everyone thinks the color Orange is beautiful. Go Broncos!


You are hardworking man my friend . Your story is hearttuching . I hope you have a great travel .
Have a nive travel .
Thanks for sharing @broncnutz

when you write about getting into #Bitcoin very early, one may just think you were very lucky. It is clear that to you have always worked smart and subsequently smart opportunities presented themselves to you. Thanks for being an inspiration and showing it still pays to work.

Nice write-up brother... very engaging read your life choices and achievements.
Welcome back to Colorado. Looking forward to more of your videos and write-ups.

you look like a very hard working guy. I'm impressed to read your story. Colorado is an amazing place

Home sweet home this is the heaven literally :)

I’m sorry to hear that the trip was not as successful as usual. Sometimes things out of our control can make our efforts futile. It will be great to get home and back to enjoying the finer comforts. This will make you closer to the news and action as our Nroncos are looking great in camp. I’m super excited about the reports on Freeman so far and Keenum is looking like he is poised to lead!!! Exciting times! Enjoy the homecoming.

I live up in Louisvillle, CO
Roofing is still nuts up here due to all the hail.

With our lovely Colorado weather you didn’t need to go all the way to Texas.
When are you guys having a Springs Steem meetup?

wow.have a great travel,best of luck

Nice dear. You are a harworking man. Colorado is you home place so its so beautiful. You have always been in traveling when 20 to 30's. Wow. Thats the time when you enjoyed a lot. Nice story brave man... have a great day

Traveling is always enjoyable..but,,when our family add this travel then increase more enjoy...
So,I think,,In that Time you're travel is more enjoyable ,,Sir,,

All the best..

Great story of your life dear. You enjoy your life in lots of traveling. But the Importance of Home Safety. Your home, whether it's a room in a group home, an apartment. Good luck....

Wao sir you are hardworking man...and great travel....great experience....colorado is so beautiful city...All pics are very great.... Best of luck for your next life...great working

Great my friend. Greetings from Venezuela

OG @broncnutz happy to stop by your blog again.

I finally learned all the angles to play with insurance companies and making money became easy to me and the freedom that came with the job meant more to me than anything.

Its all about freedom in life, without it, is a waste!

Enjoy your weekend OG!

PS: I finally know what resteem is, so I resteemed this post:)

Thank you for sharing your story,no matter where you go remember the way that lead you home .i would love to share this animated GIP from a wandering soul ,touch to open it

It is incredible that you are working in that business since young, also I think it is like any other job there are times where you go well and others where things do not go as you want so I encourage!

You have faced really bad times in your life @broncnutz but you didn’t loose your hope that’s what I like about you keep growing

Hope the broncos can go to play off this year!!!

Glad you are coming home!!!

Indeed no place like home. Am sorry things didn't work out as planned, but am sure what's awaiting you at home is better... Much better

I hope you have a good trip my amgo you deserve .. I invite you to take a look at my last post and know a reality that many face and most ignore.