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Yesterday I took the 7 hour train ride to my hometown to stay fo the Christmas holidays. I really hate taking this long train ride and adding up to that there also was an accident on the tracks and the train had to wait 2 hours at a stop before continuing the ride. The plan was to meet up with friends yesterday evening but due to the delay and the fact they had to work today we had to cancel that.

But we met up today and took a nice walk up to the castle with an awesome view over the whole delta and the beautiful Lake of Constance before going out.

Sadly I didn't take my camera with me so a simple smartphone panorama picture was the only way for me to capture this beautiful view (to be honest looking at the picture now it doesn't look that awesome, but yeah we all know there is no picture that can actually capture the real moment with all the feelings and stuff).


Despite me being really happy to live in the city I do really enjoy being back in my hometown with quick access to nature.

Hope you guys also had an awesome day!


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Happy Christmas to you and your family @elleok ☺️

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Thank you! All the best wishes to you and your loved ones too!

I am always surprised too that a picture is so different of what my eyes see.
If it comes to the train, I can feel your pain, same with travelling by plane (so much time wasted by waiting). Your hometown is not a city? I wish you a happy holiday.

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