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Last night I got, in my opinion, a brilliant idea to complete redecorate my apartment. I wanted to change my bedroom into a studio and the living room into a bedroom. I always have trouble shooting at home because it requires me to move a lot of the furniture and plants around and I fucking hate it. I was very inspired and wanted to do it immediately, but wanted to keep the peace in the apartment building and not move furniture in the middle of the night, so I waited until today to get working on my plan.

I realised I basically never use my actual living room, I never sit on the armchair or divan, and I haven't opened my tv in months because of that. I'm always either in my bed or sitting at the kitchen table. The living room was essentially useless as it was.

My bedroom on the other hand has the most potential for a studio because it gets nice natural light and has one completely white wall without a wallpaper, unlike all the other walls in the apartment. Even though the wallpapers are neutral, they are very hard to work with.

I dragged the bed into the living room and moved all the photography gear into the bedroom, plus the divan and a few odd bits, everything that can be easily moved around in that room, depending on what I want to shoot. I can even get in a full body shot, if I shoot against the window, or from the other room. There are limitations but it's much better than having the bed in there and having to work around that. I'm also planning on buying a backdrop, because the wood colour floor is not great if I wanna do full body shots. But what I can do if I want a black background, is I can use the curtains as a backdrop. Though then natural light is pretty much nonexisting.

My living room is now basically just a huge bed in the middle of it, with plants around, and a tv in front so I can watch it from bed, YAY. This time a year, I should also be able to wake up to a sunrise pointing straight at my bed around 9.30am, which is obviously a great photo opportunity too if I can wake up well before it to set everything up.

I snapped a few shitty pics to demonstrate what I did today and the kind of potential my apartment now has in terms of photography. You'll see it in action when I feel like doing proper photoshoots.







That is an excellent idea! And I know, the best ideas always come late in the evening or in the middle of the night and it takes a lot of willpower to not to execute the idea right away. Especially if you need to relocate heavy things from one room to another.

Although I have no bigger things to shoot or have anyone to model for me, I would love to turn one of the rooms here to a photo studio. Fortunately I am into macro photography so a tiny photo studio is easier to built and leave there as long as I want. :)

It’s annoying when you feel super inspired in the middle of the night, ruins sleep and is a waste of time if you can’t even execute your big plans right then and there. I end up saving really vague notes in my phone and then trying to understand them days or weeks later.

Ah, that is quite convenient to be into macro photography! I like to look at then, but I’ve never been into shooting macro. Are you planning on making one of those little white boxes to shoot macro inside in?

No plans for a white box, yet anyway. But as my plans for a mini studio is still just at plan stage, who knows. It's all about what I'm photographing.

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Congratulations @eveuncovered

My bedroom is my office and my gym and then I find myself sleeping on the couch just to "get away for a bit"

Hahahaha I can totally relate!

I'm always messing about with changing where my studio and other rooms are. I'm currently makeing over a corner of my kitchen with a desk and set up for a little mini studio even though I have a FULL size studio already! But sometimes we just need to redo and move things about, I call it nesting. It is that time of year when I'm thinking about Spring and want to change it up a bit.

That sounds fantastic! Having different spaces to use gives different lights so I think it’s pretty much essential to have more than one studio 😛

It always pays to rethink the arragement of your furniture. Been there, done that.

It’s fun and just enough of a change to freshen things up :)

You keep it up, Eve. I find this development most enjoyable. Not just as a passionate creative, but as a photographer, I have a lot to look forward to from you. I always do.

Hey gorgeous you! Your whole life is your backdrop, not much needed when the subject is you pretty friend!

Seems like a perfectly logical thing to do...Did you know there's an animal at your right shoulder in one of your pictures? Looks like a cross between a meerkat and a fox...A meerfox...Or foxkat...Or katfox...I see it looking at me and I feel judged... 😂

Esta es una fotografía muy curiosa :)