HEALTH Remedies for treatment, what are the measures to prevent Lu?

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It is common for a large part of India to become very high in the summer due to the high temperatures. Who is Lu? When a person is exposed to acute sunburn and is exposed to a very hot air, when a person has many physical problems, then he is said to be louder. In it, the temperature control system of the person's body gives the answer. In summer, due to excessive sweating in the body, excessive amount of salt, water and salts are decreased due to frequent sweating of the body. This results in obstruction of blood circulation and the temperature of the body increases almost simultaneously, causing a good person to get into the grip of Lou and get sick. The person affected by some primary treatment before he is feeling louder feels relief.

Home Remedies for Loon: Home remedies for sunstroke.
Fry raw mangoes and pulp it into the water. Add jaggery, cumin, salt to the prepared pan and drink 3-4 times a day.

When the onion starts, take out the onion juice and rub it on the soles of the chapatti, chest, hands and feet and drink raw potato juice, cucumber juice too. You will not feel hungry even after eating raw onions. Drinking onion juice is beneficial when you feel hungry. Eat onions in the food and smell 3-4 times nose.

The patient should give the onion juice mixed with honey.

After soaking the tamarind and drinking it, it gives the body coolness.

It is also beneficial to drink raw mango leaf when it starts to loosen. To make it, boil hot water for five or six raw amboes, then put them in cold water for some time then remove the peel and mix it like mango shake Add cumin, coriander, sugar, salt, black pepper and make mango pan.

Drink raw coconut water once it is thirsty.

Eat plenty of lemon juice, curd, buttermilk. The choice of buttermilk is cold. Add black salt and cumin powder to it and eat it regularly to avoid Lu in the summer.

Consume Amla's marmalade, cucumber, melon, coconut water, watermelon, orange, falcae, mulberry and pomegranate juice.

Eat both raw meals as a salad with meals.

Add cold tapes in your food such as fennel, cardamom, raw onion, amla, balpatra juice, brahmi, coriander, mint and green chilli.

Put the coriander in water and after mixing it and filtering it, add some sugar to the water and drink it can be avoided.

Mix mint leaves, black salt cumin seeds, and make chutney.

Mix pure honey and glucose in water and drink it again and again.


Grind the onion in the barley flour and then mix it with the scarf on the body, due to the feeling of irritation, relief from the irritation

Drink a light, digestible diet like rice bowl, thin khichdi, lentil dal soup.


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