My Dad is homeless. Please help. He needs MJ medication too.

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I tried getting a selfie from my 52 year old father but he hasn't responded yet. He is at risk of becoming homeless and in a motel for tonight. Can you please find it in your heart to upvote or resteem this in order to help? 20191108_205700.jpg

UPDATED he has a selfie20191109_094409.jpg


i tweeted, resteemed and check your wallet

Shared! Breaking my strike here just to share it.

u fucking 🤘

Word. I got you

Much love! Xx Sending you some steem.

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Sorry to hear. Ill pass this along, and hopefully a little can come from it. Ill be resteeming this tomorrow to bring back into feed, then from my personal account on Sunday to bring back in the feed. Stay up bro.

thank you!!!!

I understand how life can change us my friend. I've given you a 100% upvote and resteem. Let us know how things are going please...

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Hope it gets better.

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you are all very wonderful. Thank you all for the love and support

You are all very
Wonderful. Thank you all for
The love and support

                 - elderson

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Maybe some kind of crowd funding to cover travel costs to your place? My 95 year old Mom moved into my place last August. Fifty-two should be a lot more self maintenenced. ✌

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it is hard for those over 50 to find jobs, seriously many places want people younger and older people who find themselves out of work have a hard time finding it.

Well I assume he is mentally impaired so I'm trying to get him through the SSA process. Plus I'm taking care of my disabled & selling my crib soom 🤷‍♂️ He is not the best person on the planet nor is he the worst. But there are a lot of downfalls in his life. Which leads me to believe what I believe ( I too have a mental illness)

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