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This is part 1 a story of a New York City homeless woman from beginning to end.
Offer your judgement, experiences and bouts with homelessness.. Ill start by telling my happy story and transition into the homeless population right into my present time.. journey with me.

The Happy Home:
Child #5 had been born by no mistake. Business was up and running although profitless. Traveling internationally was common. Life was seemingly good. I was living in a home of my best friend now father of my children. Living a very religious cultural life. The pretense of a spiritual marriage can be confining. There are basically no laws to protect your security should this love thing fail. So I was dumb more like desperate. I had already had the perfect two. A girl and a boy, what more could I ask for except better fathers. As if I hadn't already learned enough I gave natural birth to three more males for my husband in spirit lol.. What a joke! Ill have to admit I never saw sleeping on a train in my future