Homeschool Science Project

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Hello fellow Steemians! Today my boys and I did a special science project for homeschool on the properties of liquids. This experiment comes from a kit from eScienceLabs that is part of a whole box full of different labs that you can take part in and really is a lot of fun and educational too. For this lab we took a 250ml beaker, a 100 ml beaker, 50 ml of corn syrup, 50ml of cooking oil, water, food coloring, a washer, a cork and a blueberry.IMG_9195.JPG

We then measured out the cooking oil and corn syrup and poured that in to the 250 ml beaker and added a couple drops of food coloring in to the mixture. Once the food coloring was added we then poured in the water and allowed the mixture to settle. The corn syrup sank to the bottom with the water in the middle and the cooking oil rising to the top. The food coloring mixed in with the water so that we could easily tell apart the different layers of ingredients that did not mix together.IMG_9198.JPG

After the mix was allowed to settle we then added the blueberry, the washer and the cork. The heavy washer immediately sank to the bottom, while the blueberry sank down to the water level and stayed there and the cork stayed afloat in the cooking oil level. This was a really neat lab and the boys had quite a bit of fun doing it. I definitely recommend for you all to check out if you are looking to add on to your science regimine and we will post more on our homeschool projects including science labs, field trips, art projects and much more!!! Thanks!IMG_9199.JPG