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RE: "The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky"

I like this preschoolroundup idea! I will participate when I get a chance later this week.

Looks like you have a fun setup. When my son was in preschool we had a similar setup. When he was 3 we did some Montessori type stuff that he basically thought was play. Now we are officially starting homeschooling, but I will be continuing the preschool with my toddler daughter.


That would be awesome, I really enjoy reading about other people's homeschool adventures on steemit. It is great to hear you are in a similar place too. I will look forward to reading about what you have been upto. Did you buy a curriculum or are you making your own?

I like following other people's homeschooling styles too. It always gives some inspiration.

We lean toward a classical approach (I say "lean" because I think every homeschool teacher caters to their child's interests to a certain degree), so I am following a classical basic guideline. That said, I use a lot of texts and materials I pick up at yard sales and the thrift store. I have a bookcase full of materials waiting for my son to be old enough to use. It is unbelievable the amount of unique, fun books that are out there - on every subject. We picked up a book on the water cycle from an ex-teacher at a yard sale. It had me make a cardboard robot that sends the questions we are trying to answer through its little slot on its face. Then from that question we have a little hands-on project to help us figure out the answer. So fun. My son is only kindergarten age, so we are looking for lots of playful stuff still. So, my long-winded answer to your question: we make our own curriculum :)

That sounds so fun. I actually used to teach the equivalent of Kindergarten but in England, so if you ever want to bounce ideas around I would love to.

Thanks! I'll be sure to let you know if I have any questions.

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