I'm Back On Steemit!

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to say that I have finally decided to come back to Steemit. It has been over two years since my last post, and from what I can see, the homesteading community has really died down. Hopefully in the future, people will decide to come back and get active on Steemit again. Lastly, I would like to share with the my latest video, I hope you enjoy it!


Hey @ecuadorhomestead it is good to see you here again! Also I don't know if you know it or not, but there was a hardfork and you are also on Hive.blog. Check out your account https://hive.blog/@ecuadorhomestead/posts Check out your wallet there too. Your passwords are the same as in Steemit. So I have been writing on both Steemit and Hive.blog. I thought I would let you know all this as someone from Steemit let me know, and if she didn't let me know, I wouldn't know at all.

Thanks for letting me know, I didn't know I will be sure to check it out.

Way to go on mentioning this!

Thanks so much papa-pepper for coming over and supporting me!

Hey, one more I would like to ask you is if you know how to sell Steem Dollars for Steem? It seems things have changed since the last time I was on here.

Hi @ecudorhomestead, You want to click on your wallet, then on the upper right corner in your wallet with the 3 horizonal lines, click on that. Look for Currency Market, it is right under FAQ. From there you want to login in. I usually just log in with my posting key. Look at the section called, BUY STEEM. In that section you will see how much of your SBD is available and the lowest ask bid. You can click on the lowest ask bid and it will put that amount in price. If you want to buy with your total amount of SBD, then click on Available for your SBD and that amount would be put into Total SBD that you will use to purchase. Then at the same time the Amount of Steem will show up for that purchase at the chosen price. When those amounts are all in you can click on BUY STEEM. Then they will ask for your Master Key to put your offer up. Then you put in your Master Key and click on it. Your offer will be put in. Then log out and wait to see if anyone will take your offer. It may take awhile, so just wait. Hope this helps. I just did it myself. So far no one took my offer, but I will just wait, But do log off as you don't want to keep logged on with your wallet logged in with your master key for too long.

I just noticed. Someone took my offer and I have more Steem. I will have to put that amount in my SP. I haven't used this method since December of 2017. Well it still works about the same as I remember it.

Hey, thanks for following me and re-steeming me. I just came back a few weeks ago myself. Steemit has definitely changed. As others mentioned, check out hive.blog That is where most of the homesteaders went.

As for the steem dollars, I don't see the market for trading them that used to be here. I have just been sending them to Bittrex and exchanging them for whatever cryptos I want.

Hey, papa-pepper, since a lot of the homesteading community has left Steemit, could you tell me about some people you like to follow so I can check them out?

I for the most part have not been around but now I am starting to see more and more people showing back up again!

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