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Is the ability to help the underprivileged in our community, while enabling us to feed ourselves without buying the poisoned food they sell at the stores.


So I began by stopping at my dad's house to see if he had a tiller. He did, but it was in need of some mechanical work...He told me if I could get it to run I could use it. So I started to look at it...

I quickly realized that there was no gas in it. We had a gas and it started. 😂🤣😂🤣

So I loaded it into the truck, and away I went. You can see by the picture above, that it did a wonderful job telling the ground...

But the soil was very red, and filled with clay. This is not good dirt for growing a garden. So how to fix this you may ask... Well, in the city you would just go by some potting soil or fertilizer or compost. But where I'm at, I simply went to the woods and gathered up some beautiful black dirt that is full of nutrients.


Several of these trailer falls later, and we had enough black soil that I felt good about planting a garden. In the picture below you can see the difference in the soil.


The forest soil is full of nutrients due to the hundreds of years of leaves falling and plants dying and being recycled into the dirt. It makes for what I believe to be the absolute best growing medium.



Evan is such a huge help around the homestead anymore! Always asking, "Dad, is there something I can help with?" Each day would be quite a bit tougher with out him.


The picture above shows a good comparison between the two soils. And after the new soil was added, I simply ran the tiller through it again to mix it all together real good. Then comes the fun part!


PLANTING!!!! We were only able to plant our corn today as the rains moved in and put a stop to our work. But tomorrow is looking clear, and we will continue with our work then.

Thanks for coming along with us as we continue our adventure on the homestead! We appreciate all the support and love that we receive from all of our friends here, and in the real world. You all do such a great job to brighten our lives and help us make it through each day. Thank you all so much!

All photos are my own, taken with my KYOCERA phone.

You could start by helping the privileged.

I don't understand what you mean friend.

People pay for gardeners.

I wish you best of luck on you garden! Resteemed!

THANKS! We truly appreciate it!!🤗

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