Give It 100% - Daily Upvote Contest - Sunday May 6

I’m always looking for new ways to support the Steemit homesteading community so, inspired by the “Daily Green Give Away” from @gogreenbuddy, I will be starting a daily, mini-contest for 100% upvotes!

In order to participate, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • (Optional but recommended) Follow me in order to see updates and winners!
  • (Optional but recommended) Upvote this post in order to increase my future voting power… and therefore the reward!
  • Post a link to an article in the comment section below - this can either be one of your articles or simply an article you found and enjoyed!
  • The recommended article must be related to homesteading, prepping, farming & agriculture, sustainability, nature & environment, and/or gardening!
  • The recommended article cannot be older than 48 hours!
  • Only one recommendation per account per day!

I will choose 3 articles to upvote at 100% every day and link the chosen articles in the next day’s “Daily Upvote Contest” article.

My upvote is not worth a lot - it’s only like $0.30+ - but pennies add up and there is no better was to support one another than by doing so with 100% effort.

Current Steem Power: 1290

Yesterday’s Chosen Articles


Don’t forget to follow @gogreenbuddy and participate in their “Daily Green Give Away contests!” It is an awesome initiative (and their upvote is worth much more than mine)!

Photo (modified by @kiaraantonoviche) from Pexels and used under the CC0 license.

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Hellooo, if you choose 3 articles why dont you give to my article upvote I just wanna know ¿. Regardss

Thank you for commenting - unfortunately your photography article does not meet the requirements! Please only submit articles related to homesteading, prepping, farming & agriculture, sustainability, nature & environment, and/or gardening!

Nice post! Hope you make a great following!

This is a great way to support each other. It is great initiative and a good boost for people just starting. I will share a post when I fall upon one that I would like to have more exposure. Thank you for doing this ^_^

I know it's a contest post but it does feature some great photos and it's also a rare thing, me posting on steemit :) So here it goes!

It's a daily contest so there is an article posted to accept submissions for Monday May 7th, I'll add this link to that more recent article! Thanks!

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