Gallberry Honey

in #homesteading3 years ago

Gallberry Honey pic.jpg

I got to try a new honey today, Topanga Quality Honey – Gallberry Honey. Here is a link to the website

First off, what is a gallberry? The gallberry is in the holly family and is mostly found in eastern US coastal regions. Here is a link to some additional information about the gallberry plant

In my reading, they said that the flavor was similar to sage honey which is one of my favorites. The Gallberry Honey was sweeter with a slightly citrusy front. The consistency was thick. The batch I tasted was a medium amber color which probably means that it was not pure gallberry honey (the pure is supposed to be a light amber color).

It is really hard to get pure gallberry honey since other plants are blooming at the same time in the same location. One of the cool things about gallberry honey is it is slower to crystallize.

This honey was very tasty, I definitely could see using this honey in cooking (honey bbq chicken wings!!!) as well as normal uses (like in my morning coffee). I still like the sage honey better because it has a more savory nuance but the gallberry honey was really good.

If you get the chance to try gallberry honey, do it, it is yummy.

And yes! I'm going to the bees again, this Sunday, so I'll report back on what was learned.

Have a nice weekend!


My friend how are you? days ago you did not write about honey, I imagine trying some recipes with honey like this aubergine risotto with honey

I have not had the pleasure of trying another honey more than the traditional one but thanks to you I have been getting to know other types of honey that in your country you find them easily in Venezuela we do not have that luck

Good luck in your beekeeping class this Sunday I will be happy to know how it went

All is well, here. That looks delicious. I hope I got some good pictures and video today. It was hard with the suit on.

How are you my friend? how have you been these days? a new honey for me wow the bottle looks very nice and I like the label, honey is very used in cooking recipes like those meatballs you say they made my mouth water
How are you going with your diet? this Sunday you go to beekeeping class it will be a new adventure that you will soon show me
I send you many greetings

All is well. Today we learned about mites (bugs that can ruin the hive). Stay tuned!

Thank you for the good article. I did not try honey. Unas does not sell it. Good weekend.

Gallberry I think I've never heard of this for me honey is clear honey is what I know but I see that there are honeys interensantes in the world that are worth showing at some point

If you recommend it, it is because this honey is really good

I hope everything goes well on your way out with the bees this Sunday

Hello friend @altportal how are you today? I see how happy you are with your new rooster honey that I confide to you the first time I've been talking about it I've only tried the avejo but I would try this rooster honey and I'm curious
I have learned a lot about honey thanks to you here in my country there is not much education about that

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