How to make Serbian Karadjordje's steak (Karadjordjeva snicla)

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Hello my friends, today we are going to make a famous Serbian Karadjordje's steak (also known as maiden's dream), but instead of making it with beef or pork steak I will use chicken white meat.

This dish was made by famous Serbian chef Milovan Stojanovic back in 1956 and named after the Serbian prince Karadjorjde Petrovic, leader of first Serbian uprising against the Ottomans. Today you can find it in any restaurant in Serbia.


First thing you need to do is thin meat with a pestle for meat.

Then season it with salt and peper .4.jpg

Put kajmak (Serbian cremany dairy product), if you can't get it you can use some cream cheese instead.5.jpg

Add smoked ham (you can add some cheese too, but I think kajmak is enough.)6.jpg

Roll meat and secure the eges.7.jpg

Use 3 plates for flour, eggs and bread crumbs.8.jpg

Coat meat in flour.9.jpg

Then dip them into beaten eggs.10.jpg

And finaly roll in bread crumbs.11.jpg

I will fry it in hot oil (but you can put in in oven at 240°) 12.jpg

Both sides should get golden yellow.13.jpg

I like it crispy.

For this dish I will make a great peppers in oil salad.

You will need20.jpg

Grill whole peppers on every side on mediun heat.22.jpg

When all sides are baked, place them in plate and let them to cool.23.jpg

Scrape off charred skins.24.jpg

At the end add garlic, oil, oregano and vinegard.15.jpg

Enjoy your meal. I hope you will like it and if you do don't forget to upvote! :D


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Hvala puno :D

You did a great job growing my appetite as I went through your recipe and very delicious looking photos! You did a great job keeping it simple and reader-attractive! Very well done, @cvijicalen

I will Upvote!

Импресивно, @cvijicalen, учинио си фотографијама поступак јасним и онима који не знају енглески, али било би лепо да пошаљеш и верзију на српском. И она се плаћа :)

Drago mi je da ti se dopalo.
Hvala na savetu :D

This looks yummy! I wish I could find a Serbian restaurant here in the Philippines. Thanks for providing the recipe :)

And I would also like to let you know that your post got featured in this week's Minnow Fridays which is part of the Newbie Resteemday Initiative. Keep creating great content!

Thank you very much! :D
I am glad that you like it.
In future I will post more recepies from Serbian kitchen.

You're welcome. Keep creating quality content and keep on improving. I like that you even edited to put text on the photos :)