How To Make Kombucha - First & Second Fermentation

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Here on D-Tube I've been slowly (very slowly) working on uploading videos from the Daddykirbs YouTube Channel to have the collection accessible just in case my channel falls victim to the craziness that is going on over there on YouTube.

I started uploading older videos so the D-Tube audience could have a proper timeline of the happenings along the Daddykirbs journey. Today I decided to put up another one of my popular videos from the Kitchen Playlist. The "famous" Kombucha video!

Ok... famous is a stretch. However there have been many comments from viewers about how they believe my video is the best on YouTube as an intro about how to make Kombucha. I'm truly honored that so many people like the video and it helps them to make this healthy beverage.

Thank you for sharing this time with me!

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Glad this one was added here!

Nice post, thanks for sharing

Excellent video on Kombucha! Do you have a video on storing excess scobys?

Not yet! But it is high on the list of videos to create since so many people ask for it.

Kombucha is da bomb!! :D
We use so much, I have to make gallons of it each week. We do the continuous brew system so I always have more.

I was making 2 gallons a week or so, but the new challenges in my household have prevented me from keeping up with that. I need to get back into the routine.

I know what you mean. Skip a few days and pretty soon its a jug of vinegar... LOL

True, and this Winter is the first time ever I got mold in anything fermented. My ACV, a batch of peppers and the Kombucha.

Oh noooo! Ive never had mold in my booch, but I tried to make sauerkraut a while back and it molded like crazy! So disappointing...

Probiotics are key to health! Great post!

Fascinating! Thanks for sharing:)