Repotting the Spider Plant - January 9, 2020 @goldenoakfarm

Spider cuttings in water crop January 2020.jpg
Spider plant cuttings in water

On Thursday my helper friend was here and we tackled the spider plant. It wasn’t in too bad shape, but the roots were coming out the top of the pot, so I wanted to root prune it. I thought it had not been done in a long time.

Spider plant crop March 2019.jpg

But a search through my photo archives presented this photo, taken in March 2019. This is when I cut the old plant in half and re-potted it to give away. I’d forgotten I’d done that!

Spider plant - pot bound crop January 2020.jpg

I’d hung it in the central position and we’d cut away all the dead leaves. Then I pulled it out of its pot and found this mass. The roots wrapped around and around.

Spider plant - root pruning crop January 2020.jpg

With my big knife and a cutting board, I cut away the mass of roots. I cut the sides and about 1” off the bottom. While I was doing this, my helper friend was cleaning up the pots.

Rocks on the bottom of the pot for damage first, and then I added soil around the sides and bottom. Put the root ball back in and packed gently soil down the sides until they were full.

Spider plant - finished crop January 2020.jpg

Back into the hanger and it was done.

Getting it back into the hanger, a few of the dangling babies broke off. They were put in the jar of water pictured at the top of this post.


Root pruning? I didn't know that was a thing!

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