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It is commonly believed that a cow has four stomachs. That is kind of correct, but technically a cow has one stomach with four different compartments. They are called rumin, reticulum, omasum, and abomasum. When the cow eats grass it travels to the first two compartments to be stored until later. When those compartments are full she will rest and cough up small amounts to chew her cud completely, it then goes to the third and fourth compartments where it is fully digested.

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This post is udderly ridiculous, how gulla-bull do you think we are? I mean really do you think we are a bunch of moorons? BTW great post and I will stop milking the puns.

That's funny. lol

I knew the names already! How you might ask? In taking a page out of @ironshield's book about posting video's/songs for is how I knew the names.

That is funny lol. "all dressed in leather, up since dawn"
Thanks for the laughs.

Interesting I did not know that 💯🐒

I had no idea. Thanks for sharing!

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