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Seventy percent of the RED meat eaten in the world is goat meat. Pork is the most consumed meat in the world.

We do not raise goats so I had to take a picture of our neighbor's. Our favorite red meat: Number 1 is venison, followed by beef, lamb, and lastly goat. What is your favorite red meat?

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Lamb, beef, fish, chicken in that order. I used to eat pork but not anymore.

Favorite? Or what our family consumes most?

We consume mostly venison, as its nearly free and "farm raised" (hunt on the family farm).
I like it as well as beef.

Lamb and young goat are pretty equal to me, I really like them, but dont have them often.

Pork.... I love pork. But we are trying to lean away from pork.


In order....beef, lamb, and goat. I have only had venison a couple of times, it was good mind you so if I ate more of it I would have added it to the list!

Neat! I had no idea goat was the most eaten red meat!
We have dairy goats and have always planned on eating any babies that we couldn't sell,but have never not been able to sell any. So, as yet, we have not tried goat meat. We only had lamb once, because it's expensive... It was good though. We don't hunt either, so the main red meat we eat is beef, but not often.
We are raising a lamb this year though, so we will have plenty of lamb this fall. :)

We raise meat goats. I agree it is my least favorite of the red meats. But there are a lot of people out there that live it

We love our own beef, but I have a hard time eating meat if we are not at home. But beef, venison, lamb, and then goat. I wish I liked goat more bcuz we raise them, but I'm just not a big fan.

I've been on a bison taco kick lately. Only have store-bought here but would love to try some fresh. Farmers market veggies on them; mine will be here in soon. Beef then fish.

Angus beef grass fed, Berkshire pork free range and moose meat top three.
Goat is great in a curry with fresh tomatoes and boiled free range chicken eggs

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