A Pavilion for Feast of Tabernacles

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I started a new project this week. For me it is a bigger then the other projects I done so it will take some time. The plan is to build a 24 x 50 foot multi-purpose building for a meeting place during Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot) which we host every year. We also will use it for potlucks and monthly Torah gathering. Long term we would like to use the building for our An American Homestead Patrons to teach homesteading, gun safety, and other topics.

We have graded a place on the side of the mountain about a month ago.


This week I have been digging holes for the footers. Twenty holes in all.


Next will be to pour concrete and build the piers to get ready for the floor joists and sub floor. Stay tuned and follow us to track our progress.


This will be the view from the pavilion of the Sukkot camp sites.


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That's a big project! But I'm sure it will turn out great. Maybe I should come down this fall and check it out in person!

Let me know if you want to come for Sukkot.

I do want to come! I'll let you know! Thanks Tim!

Hey @simms50, I know I'd like to meet you! @ironshield

That would be fun! Have you gone to their Sukkot before?

We drove down to the homestead Sukkot 2016, my wife was pregnant last year so we stayed home. We hope to go back this year. @ironshield

We hope to attend this year, if there is an opening! We've been practicing our camping skills. We'll remember the kerosene this time, a wise homesteader once told us about it. (The Turners) @ironshield

That will be a great addition to your homestead. Looks like you are off to a good start.

Wow, when you do a job, you do it right! Nice work!

The building sounds like a big need for your homestead. If we can help give us a call!

When I get to the rafters I will differently need help.

Awesome to see this being built!

Love being able to stack uses on infrastructure! That's a pretty big undertaking you're building!

Awesome! Sukkot is my fave feast:)

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