Kaleb's Projects - Everything is a Weapon

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When I am in my workshop, my 5-year-old grandson Kaleb likes using his imagination to work on his own projects as well. It is usually a weapon of some sort. I provide the supervision, but he does the work. A few weeks ago I gave him a flat piece of aluminum and right away he envisioned a knife. He got his wood, cut it to size and cut a slot in the handle for the blade. I don't let him use the power tools yet, so I put a tip on the blade with my bench grinder.


Lastly we he was rummaging through my box of PVC fittings and made himself a gun.


However, I did make a stone ax for him.


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I love you help him work out his creativity. Those are awesome projects that he will likely never forget. He looks like a great helper for you too.

That's a pretty high tech PVC gun. Fifty years ago when I was improvising weapons, I usually just settled for a crooked stick.

He does that also.

Lucky grandson - that stone axe is awesome :)

Seems like everything a boy picks up turns into a weapon of sorts!

Those are so cool! My youngest thinks everything is a weapon too, haha! Love the PVC gun idea. We have lots of pieces laying around that would probably work. The stone hatchet is just too cool! I bet he loves it!

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