Multi purpose building update #2

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I have made a little more progress on our multi-purpose building. In my last post, we had graded an area for the building. Our first choice was to have a concrete slab, but at $130 per yard it was too expensive, so I am constructing the building on piers. The first step was to dig 28 holes and fill them with concrete.

Next was to dry stack concrete blocks. I then used ½ inch re-bar and filled the cores with concrete.


I still have to deal with the tree stump, but the next step will be to add the sill plates and floor joists.


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That is going to be a good sized building!!!

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Great progress! No wonder you didn't put in the slab! $130 per yard is really outrageous. Was that the price for ready mixed concrete and did it include rebar?

Just concrete delivered. Grading forms and rebar are extra.

Yikes! That makes our $50 per yard sound like a real bargain!

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Nice work!! How do you plan to deal with the stump? Cut it below the level of the piers, or burn it out?

I will level the stump and frame around it.

Sounds like a plan!

Nice work, when you start laying it out you can really see how large the building will be!

Looks like you are making good progress. Looks good

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