One Reason We Moved from the City

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According to the 1790 census 95% of American lived in rural areas. The 5% of Americans living in urban areas lived in small villages and cities like New York and Philadelphia with more than 2500 people. In 1830 35% lived in populated areas. The 2010 census shows 81% of Americans live in urban areas.

In sharp contrast the growth of non-religious Americans increases at about the same rate as urbanization increases.

The fear of the LORD is to hate evil… (Proverbs 8:13). The opposite would also be true. When evil is no longer hated lawlessness prevails. It is no wonder that America is decline.

Another statistic of interest is that 74% of third generation immigrants become non-religious. It would appear that the best way to teach the next generation to forget God is to live in populated areas.

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Fascinating (though sad) statistics. It reminds me of the historical account in Yasher. When the children of Israel became to many Pharoah's advisors told him to force the Hebrews into the cities, and to make city life appealing and unavoidable. Ultimately they turned away from the Most High

Very interesting facts. Thanks for sharing

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