Poison Ivy is Back

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It’s back with a vengeance. Last week it looked like this.


We were away for five days and when we came back it looked like this.


It is a very pretty plant that blankets the ground under the trees and it seems like we have it everywhere. We have the ideal growing conditions for Poison Ivy and it’s impossible to get rid of. In the more remote parts of our property we just let it grow, but around the house and pathways I attempt to control it by spraying it.


This weed killer will kill the Poison Ivy on the surface, but it will grow back over time. There are several variations of the weed spray, but this is my recipe.

1 gallon white vinegar
I pound salt
¼ cup dish soap

Mix well and pour into a garden sprayer.


It may be my imagination, but it seems worse this year. What do you think?

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Oh wow, that is a LOT of poison ivy! Have you considered fencing an area and letting goats take care of it? Ive not tried this personally, but supposedly goats will eat the stuff up.
Best of luck, and hopefully no one gets itchy!

We would have to fence the whole mountain. I have seen our sheep eat it, but they prefer grass.

Haha, well, I supposed that wouldnt be very practical then...
Goats prefer to browse, mainly eating weeds and brush and only eating grass if there is nothing else, so they make great complimentary grazers with sheep. :)

Up here in Western Mass there's been something called super poison ivy. It's a more virulent form of it. But as far a more of it, we've not noticed that, as we try to keep it in check at all times.

Have not experienced it yet where I live but will stay far from it as best as possible!

Is that recipe for most weeds or just poison ivy?

I use it on all weeds and grass in the walk ways.

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