Staying Cool with Solar

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As the days get warmer we look for ways to stay cool on a hot afternoon. I would like a ceiling fan, but without electricity, I did the next best thing. I took a solar attic fan painted it white and hung it from the ceiling. There is a 18 volt solar panel mounted on the roof. No battery, controller, or inverter. Just direct power from the solar panel to the motor.


A small button thermostat turns the fan on at 85 degrees and it will run the rest of the day until the sun goes down. If the ceiling temperature is 85 degrees in the winter the fan will operate and it will circulate warm air in the living room. The downside is it will not run at night.


Sometimes the best part of the day is setting under the fan in my recliner on a hot afternoon drinking a Hard Mike's lemonade.

We also have the same fan in our green house as well as our solar lumber kiln.


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After a hard days work on the homestead, I bet it feels good to sit down and enjoy... for a little while. Then it's back to work! @ironshield

I bet you are going to need it this week! And a cold refreshing lemonade sure hits the spot on a hot day!

Ooo creative! Great idea!

Fans are so nice in the summer. A must have especially with no AC!

“Sometimes the best part of the day is setting under the fan in my recliner on a hot afternoon drinking a Hard Mike's lemonade.” I giggled a little at reading this. Oh that would be a good ending to a long day of work.
I’m starting to see how much work this all is. Yesterday, I just didn’t have enough time to water my garden and this morning I just about cried when I saw my onions. They seriously look dead.
I think it would do a lot of people some good to try gardening with the mindset of not relying on the grocery store so you are more motivated to have a successful harvest.

I like those Mike's, lately though my refreshing drink of choice has been Not your Father's Root beer.

I have a Big Brother hard root beer. I may have it this afternoon after my work is done.

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