Too much Water in the Hen House

in #homesteading4 years ago


A few weeks ago, we had a rain storm which dropped almost six inches of rain. It washed out our road and saturated the ground. Water running off the mountain flooded into the chicken run making two inches of mud for the chickens to walk in. It was time to make a drain in front of the coop to divert water.

It took me all week digging a trench and keeping the chickens out of the trench was a problem, but I got it done by Friday.

I wrapped landscape fabric around the perforated drain pipe to keep roots from growing inside the pipe.


Then I covered the pipe with gravel



Hopefully, this will divert the major volume of water around the coop.

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Ha! Chickens are hilarious. Ours ALWAYS go where we don't want them (like in my gardens, even when I have fence around it).

I now what you mean.

Excellent idea! Hopefully the chickens will not uncover it.

They are trying.

Good idea with the landscape fabric.

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