Water for the Chickens

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With the summer just around the corner, I wanted to add more water capacity for the chickens. I looked online for automatic drinkers, but I thought they were kind of expensive so I looked around the homestead to see what I had available to work with.

I had a 24-gallon water tank that we have not used and some 6 inch PVC pipe. All I needed to buy was two 6 inch PVC caps and a float valve.


I made a platform for the water tank and a frame for the PVC pipe. I cut the side off of the PVC pipe and glued the PVC caps to each end to make a trough. The float valve was installed on one end. I used a garden hose to connect the trough to the water tank. The wire is to keep the chickens from walking in the trough, but it may be more trouble than it is worth. Time will to tell.



It was a simple project and adds an additional 25 gallons of water available for the chickens. It makes me wonder why I never did it before.

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Looks GREAT, very clean design!

What size is the float valve? Where did you get it?

The flout is about 5 inches long. I got it on Amazon. It is called a 1/2 inch mini float valve

This is a good idea! I would set it so they have access from both sides, as this would double your watering capability from what looks like 24" to 48". In summer this could become very important.

I will try that.

That was ingenious! I might have to copy that for our chickens. Thanks for sharing.

Nice Tim! I wonder if a chicken or two is going to get caught in it!

I wonder about that too. I will just have to watch them.

What a cool design! I bet it works great!

Now that is a great fix!
Keep us all updated on any issues with the wire cage around it.

Great idea! Not sure if they will stick their heads between the wires or not. I think that I would have made it off the ground some and used the chicken drinking cups. I hope it works out for you.

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