We have water at the kitchen sink

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We manually pump water to the header tank on the roof which gives limited water pressure at the kitchen sink. Finding a faucet with adequate flow has been a problem. New faucets look nice, but they will not work because they are designed to be water saving devices that require at least 40 pounds of water pressure. The faucets have a tiny orifice for water flow and 1/8 copper tubing.

We tried this vintage Moen faucet I found at a second hand store for a while, but it still would not provide the water flow we wanted. The water supply line was too small.


I installed a pitcher pump in our outdoor kitchen, but Joann did not want one in the house because they take up too much counter space.

IMG_20171029_154032 (2).jpg

My search continued and tried this faucet from the early 1900’s. This one has good water flow and is great for washing hands and filling the sink with water. However, there is no room under the faucet to fill a kettle.

IMG_20171029_153928 (2).jpg

I finally gave up looking for a faucet that was aesthetically pleasing to look at yet functional. I went with functionality and made my own. It is made with a ½ brass ball valve, galvanized pipe, and just a few PVC pipe fittings. I painted black to look a little better.. This one has great water flow and meets our need.



I would still like to find a better looking faucet, but for now the problem of a faucet at the kitchen sink is solved. It is amazing how a small thing can make life better. Let me know if you have a better suggestion.

Have a great day! Every comment is up-voted to show our appreciation and thanks for your up-vote, Tim and Joann.


Now that you took the time to make one yourself, I'm sure you'll come across one now!

My husband made my faucets too, necessity is the mother of invention.

Function over form is usually the homesteader's creed. Form comes later. @ironshield

Nice plumbing job! Sometimes the design takes a minute to SINK in.

Wow, how inventive! If you cant find what you want, make it yourself! Great job!

Happy wife is a happy life, me I don't care what things look like as long as they work well..

Glad you were able to find a faucet that worked well and offered a good flow of water. NICE to have the kitchen sink functioning too I bet.

That is about what I would make. All depends on what pieces or materials are at hand. I could see the same being made out of copper as well.

Perfectly functional!

thumb up, you will success, becasue you r doing work for, it,, best of luck,,

This post has won a 1 SBD prize in the Offgrid Water System Contest. Contest Results: Offgrid Water System Posts. Thank you for sharing knowledge and personal experience :)

I really like the manual pump into the raised tank. I am sure the water pressure would be great. how many feet do you think that pump could raise the water?

I am not sure, but 30-40 feet could be expected.

Practical definitely wins over pretty. Congratulations on winning third place for this water post!

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