Our Chickens - Dust Baths and Sleepovers

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Egg photo shoot in the beautiful green grass

The chickens are doing well. We've been getting between 4 and 7 eggs a day. Two went broody but I don't have a sufficient cage to "debroodify" them so I let them be. One has snapped out of it and one is still insisting. She likes to nest on a box on the floor. We will be letting her have a couple of eggs to hatch since she won't be knocking them to the ground like the other one did to the eggs we gave her.

Cluck Norris is proving to be a kind and gentle leader. He's never pushy. He never attempts to go after any of us. There is a fair amount of chicken-love going on, but he isn't overzealous with it. When he finds a tasty treat he is quick to alert the ladies of its location. It's fun to watch them communicate and interact with their environment. When we had Cluck's brothers there was a whole lot of rapin' goin' on and it wasn't acceptable. We ate those roosters.


The chickens like to take dust baths during the heat of the afternoon after we let them free. They especially like this spot next to my clothes line. It was where we used to keep our fire wood. It has a lot of sawdust in it.

Here is a video of some of our bathing beauties:



"Get out! I'm bathing!" says Pigeon.

We finally got all the debris out of the pool. It was loaded with tadpoles. That meant some of them got tossed out when the pine needles and twigs got scooped. The chickens went crazy over them! I knew that would eat frogs but never thought about the tadpoles. At least they didn't die in vain. Don't worry, my daughters scooped out a whole kiddie pool's worth and are raising them.


Somebody laid this oopsie egg with no shell in the yard. It's one of the 1-year-olds. We never had a shell-less egg until they started laying.


The Bear's bantam chickens are doing great! They're so small! One of the Ginger Old English is her best friend. Her name is Sky. That little chicken runs right up to her and jumps her hand. I wish I had photos of it! We got some tiny leg bands and put one on that chicken so we know which one she is for sure. Jojo also banded one, named Black Widow. She is a Silver Sebright.

The Bear and friend with two Ginger Old English bantam hens. They had a sleepover. They took them into the playhouse and let them go and just laughed and laughed!

We ended up with only four out of 15 chickens being roosters! They are three Golden Sebrights and one Silver Sebright. We didn't end up with any Ginger Old English roos. We were hoping for one rooster of each type, but honestly I'm just glad to not be overrun by boys!

The Bear and one of the Silver Sebrights


Loudmouth, one of our original chickens, is having some trouble getting around. When she was about a year old something happened to one of her legs. She convalesced in the coop for a couple of weeks. She gets around fine now. She has a limp but she's okay. It does make her easier to catch though, as you can see here.



I figured out what to do with some of the bantam's pretty tail feathers we find!


They're going to be the ends of my windchimes I've been making!


Maybe. The first feather I wrapped was easy. The second, not so much. It may be harder than I thought and the idea may get scrapped.

Anyway, I just thought I'd give you all an update on our chickens since it's been a while! Hope yours are doing great and providing delicious butt nuggets for your breakfasts. Thanks for stopping by!

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I love that your roo's name is Chuck Norris. :) I didn't know shell-less eggs were a thing!! 😮

His name is actually Cluck Norris. Haha! I didn't know about shell-less eggs either until I came across my first one! I might have to set up a camera or something in the coop to figure out who is laying them. It's kind of disturbing the first time you find one. Like, wtf happened here?! Ha!

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Dust bathing chickens never get old...they crack me up every time! Ours love the barn floor the best for some reason. That silver sebright chick is gorgeous!! I really like the crisp black and white.

Also "we ate those roosters" made me laugh :)

Those little bantams are hard to get pictures of. They're fast!
Glad you enjoyed the post, @mtnmeadowmomma. Thanks for checking it out!

So glad your chickens are doing well! That certainly is a handsome rooster, and I love his name!

I tell him all the time how handsome he is. I think it would be so cool if they had been tamed enough that we could just hold them. Does it seem silly to want to cuddle a chicken? Haha!

I can't say I've had the urge, BUT my sister has little blue-laced red Wyandottes and one of them is very friendly and gets cuddles.

I love reading about your chickens and all the updates! I am really glad that Cluck Norris is not rapey. I am also excited to see the bantams!! I think it is sooooo cool that JoJo named one Black Widow.... you know how close that is to my own heart!!! Also, oopsie eggs are interesting. I have not seen many of those! Thank you for the update, my dear. I miss you so much!

Thanks so much, beautiful! If Josie doesn't remember your song, we will find it on Youtube to remind her. I don't like finding those shellless eggs. They look like alien eggs!! Miss you so much too! I wish money wasn't so tight for us all all the time. I need some Tristol time!