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RE: Bounties Of The Land Episode 7: Preparing For Winter, Final Harvests Soon.

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First one of your posts I have seen! Very nice..Did you come over from another blog as I have not seen you on the Facebook Homestead site before. So glad you dropped this there. Will be looking forward to future winter and fall prep presentations. I live in Florida, the land of 2 season! We are blessed with the tropicals!
Happy Day!


Yes living in the tropics is the easiest and most sustainable by far!

Though most of the world does not live in the tropics so we need various solutions!

I have been living super self reliant ad sustainable for over a decade. I have a LOT more to post about!

Great to meet you and hope to see you around!

Likewise, Yes we are very blessed!
Happy Day!

Bless it be~*~

Thank you for the angel...i may copy that...super fantastic!

You are welcome~