Give It 100% - Daily Upvote Contest - Tuesday May 8

In an effort to continue supporting the homesteading community, I am running a Daily Upvote Contest for 100% upvotes!

In order to participate, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • (Optional but recommended) Follow me in order to see updates and winners!
  • (Optional but recommended) Upvote this post in order to increase my future voting power… and therefore the reward!
  • Post a link to an article in the comment section of the most recent contest article - this can either be one of your articles or simply an article you found and enjoyed!
  • The recommended article must be related to homesteading, prepping, farming & agriculture, sustainability, nature & environment, and/or gardening!
  • The recommended article cannot be older than 48 hours!
  • Only one recommendation per account per day!
  • The article must be original material. Any plagiarized articles will be flagged and reported to steemcleaners. Future submissions from the corresponding account will be banned.

I will choose three (3) qualifying articles to upvote at 100% every day (unless fewer than three are submitted) and link the chosen articles in the next day’s Daily Upvote Contest article.

My upvote is not worth a lot - it’s only like $0.30+ at the moment - but pennies add up and there is no better was to support one another than by doing so with 100% of our effort.

Current Steem Power: 1297.695 (+1.224)

Yesterday’s Chosen Articles

Garden Journal Update: Early May 2018 by @riverflows

New Life And Regrowth (Homestead Photography Contest #17) by @bobydimitrov

Photo (modified by @kiaraantonoviche) from Pexels and used under the CC0 license.

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This is my post re prepping in Israel.
I just wrote it and then noticed that you have this competition.

I did an article related to phishing which effects every tag on steemit.

Beware : The Ongoing Phishing Scam

Thank you for submitting an article and I agree, this does affect every tag, but phishing, scams, and spam have been going on for a long time here on Steemit and this contest is specifically for articles related to homesteadind info, etc. Thanks!

Thank you for submitting an article but I would not particularly classify this as related to homesteading, prepping, farming & agriculture, sustainability, nature & environment, and/or gardening! Please only submit articles that are clearly within these subjects! Thanks!

A fabulous idea, and a nice one. Thanks for the mention! 💙💙💙🐸🐸🐸 Looking forward to finding other great posts through your curation!

Here is my contribution :) thanks for the inspiration and great work that you're doing!

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